The Clone Brothers 2017 Oregon Marijuana Harvest

Sun Grown – Clean and Green – All Natural

Our sun grown cannabis is 100% organic
No Pesticides, Fungicides, Chemicals or Synthetics.

Simply Clean and Green!

 The Clone Brothers team is fully immersed in cannabis! We’ve been working diligently to deliver outstanding marijuana to the Oregon recreational market and we think you will agree. Our crop health and yield was above expectations and the potency and terpene results are completing the session; and they are looking great! White Widow topping out at 28.1% THC, Sour Diesel at 26.0% THC, Jack Herer at 21.2% THC, Head Band at 24.3% THC and more to come. Full Compliance Test Results and Terpene Profiles are available to our clients
through The Clone Brothers Client Portal or upon request.



New Client Portal and Registration – Order Online Today!

We have been working on a new client portal for our retail clients < Click to Take a Look Now > . Get full access to digital downloads for Compliance, Potency, Terpene Profiles and order online at your convenience. Register today or give us a call and we will set your account up for you, and if you don’t want to order online give us a call (503) 735-5549.

The Clone Brothers Pre-Rolls

Quality, Consistancy and Integrity Our Clients and Their Customers Deserve!

Thank you Clients and Consumers! We put ourselves on a path to produce a no frills, ready to sell, ready to burn outstanding Pre-Rolled Joint you can enjoy every time – no unnecessary extra feature or embellishment needed – Sun Grown – Clean and Green – All Natural – The White Label Standard!

Call today to place a standing order and we’ll get you in the production and delivery pipeline (503) 735-5549 or you can Order Online Now.

Consumers can find The Clone Brothers at several locations around the Portland area to Salem – Click here for a list of  Dispensaries were you can purchase The Clone Brothers Premium Oregon Marijuana.


Clones – About Clones and Availability

Forecasting for clone availability has been difficult for our team as we have limited resources for full scale production at this time – so first and foremost our focus is to produce clones for our farm so we have continued success year after year. We will be producing market clones and producer clones beginning January 2018 but we may not have full availability until this coming spring. Fell free to send us an email or call any time to see if we can fill your request.

Terpene and Test Results Portfolio

Brows through the Terpenes and Test Results Portfolio

Where to Find – The Clone Brothers

Go out and get yourself a top notch Pre-Roll from The Clone Brothers at several established Recreational Shops!

It has been a pleasure establishing and building great relationships with our partner retailers and processors during our first year as cultivators; and thank you to our loyal consumers, you enjoy – we produce!


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