Where to Find – The Clone Brothers Premium Marijuana 1

It has been a pleasure establishing and building great relationships with our partner retailers and processors during our first year as cultivators; and thank you to our loyal consumers, you enjoy – we produce!


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One thought on “Where to Find – The Clone Brothers Premium Marijuana

  • Drayke

    I just got 8 grams of your guys’ Black Buddha for the second time in a week and it’s turned into one of my new favorites. I’m a huge fan of the “pine” smelling terpenes found in BB. Your strain definitely competes in ‘pleasantness of the smoke’ with Durban Poison (which is my favorite strain of all time), especially when it comes to the flavor, again the pine makes this incredible. It smells a lot like a piney scented tea if that makes any sense, the taste is super nice on the exhale, especially out of a freshly cleaned pipe. The effects are perfect for me. A lot of stress lately, and this strain just lets me escape it while still being able to go about my business. So thank you Clone Brothers for introducing me to a new favorite. I look forward to running into more of your strains.