Our Production Mantra for High Quality Pre-Rolls

The Clone Brothers – Premium Quality Pre-Rolls

We produce a no frills, ready to sell, ready to burn outstanding Pre-Rolled Joint you can enjoy every time!

  • Hand Prepared Flower – Machine Filled – Hand Packaged and Labeled, Compliant and Ready to Sell
  • No unnecessary extra feature or embellishment needed
  • Sun Grown – Clean and Green – All Natural

Our Production Mantra


  • Don’t use trim or sub-grade larf
  • Don’t use a blender or coffee grinder to pulverize and prepare quality flower, ever!
  • Don’t increase the yield by introducing trim or sub-grade larf into production
  • Don’t remove value by mining or removing the trichome rich kief.


  • Do take the time to select and grind out quality flower. You will have to be strong and dedicated to this hands on experience.
  • Do take the time to remove sticks, stems, micro leaf fiber matter and tailings as you work through the grind process – Dedication, patients and a good eye for detail count here.
  • Do restore and re-introduce the trichome rich kief produced during production.
  • Do collect, package and report all tailings removed from the grind lot – We remove approximately 1.25 pounds of material while preparing 5 pounds of flower for pre-rolls.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is fair and sound, our quality is of impeccable value – We sold over 65,000 pre-rolls through the 2017 year! Our clients and their consumers agree, if you want the best; you purchase a joint produced by The Clone Brothers dedicated team. Quality, Consistency and Integrity Our Clients and Their Customers Deserve!

We are Ready to Stock Your Shelves Today

Call today – Layne 503-733-5549 or John 503-807-5675 to set up and order and delivery or go online to http://shop.theclonebrothers.com for online ordering, on hand inventory, test results and terpene profiles.

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